Tennis/Soft Tennis

NKC is a leader in the field of soft tennis, a unique Japanese game that uses an inflatable soft tennis ball and a lighter tennis racket.Reducing impact and the speed of the ball – without sacrificing the necessary skill and performance – soft tennis facilitates the involvement of inexperienced players, younger children, senior citizens and others who benefit from the longer reaction times and ease of playoffered by the game.

Sport Floor Mats

Nagase Kenko sports floor mats are easy to assemble, manufactured in rollable segments which zip together to cover any size floor – from an individual table tennis court – to an entire stadium. An entire court can be assembled by only a few people in less than an hours time.

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Special Needs

NKC softi-balls eliminate sting and facilitate play by children and others with special needs. These products have been used for many years in the Special Olympics and have many therapeutic applications.